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Dog Coat Fabrics and Options

Every one of our dog coats is made to order, which means not only do you get a perfect fit, but you can choose the exact fabrics, collars, and trims your pup will adore! Options described below are:

Outer Layer Fabrics
The standard outer layer fabric for our Snow Angel and Rain Chaser dog coats is a modern Waterproof/Breathable material - waterproof, wind resistant, and breathable. Choose from these available colors:

hunter orange

Hunter Orange Waterproof/Breathable
Bubblegum Pink Waterproof/Breathable


Cardinal Red Waterproof/Breathable
Tomato Red Waterproof/Breathable
Cardinal Red Waterproof/Breathable Sangria waterproof/breathable
Barn Red Waterproof/Breathable
blue stripe fabric brown stripe fabric  
Blue Stripe Waterproof/Breathable Brown Stripe Waterproof/Breathable  
navy Waterproof/Breathable black fabric swatch whale blue goretex Waterproof/Breathable

Navy Waterproof/Breathable

Dark Forest Green Waterproof/Breathable
Medium Blue Waterproof/Breathable
black Waterproof/Breathable medium gray
Black Waterproof/Breathable Medium Plum Waterproof/Breathable Medium Gray Waterproof/Breathable
giraffe swatch black Waterproof/Breathable

Faux Fur Giraffe (washable, but not waterproof) SPECIAL ORDER +$15 Extra Heavy Black Waterproof/Breathable
Extra Heavy Dark Burgundy Waterproof/Breathable +$15
bright blue Waterproof/Breathable  
Bright blue Waterproof/Breathable SPECIAL ORDER +$15    

Inside Layer Fabrics
The standard inner layer fabric is a 200 weight PolarTec® fleece - four times more wind resistant than standard polar fleece and super warm. This is a nice, thick fleece the equivalent of a mid-weight sweater - not a flimsy fleece.

cherry fleece 200 wt
Cherry 200 wt


swatch corsage fleece 200 wt
Corsage 200 wt.

Trillium 200 wt.

cerise fleece
Cerise 200 wt


Chile 200wt


Red Snowflake 200 wt


Smoke 200 wt.


blueplum 200 wt
Blueplum 200 wt.

black fleece 200 wt

Black 200 wt

Green Tea
Green Tea 200 wt

Heather Green 200 wt.

medium blue fleece
Medium Blue 200 wt


swatch camel fleece 200 wt
Camel 200 wt.

Gray Velvet Velour200 wt.


Looking for different colors or thicker fleece? For an alternative to down filling, or a special needs dog, See our Extra Protection Fleece Fabrics - $20 - $40 - $50. See also our "Which Coat Do I Need?" Page.

let's make a coat!

Trims add $15
Add a little flair to your custom coat with a beaded, braided, or edge trim! See our Jacket Trims Page for photos.

let's make a coat!

Collar/Turtleneck Options
Choose between a double fleece turtleneck collar that can be folded up over the ears (almost like a snood), or a turnback collar.

Dog Coat Detail - Turtleneck Collar
Turtleneck Collar Turnback Collar

The turtleneck provides the most warmth. Since every coat is made to order, you can ask for a longer or shorter turtleneck to suit your dog's proportions. Many dogs appreciate the warm protection for their vulnerable ears! Some customers have remarked that it's a bit of trouble pulling the heavy turtleneck collar over the head - but it's worth it for winter warmth. However, if quick on-and-off is very important to you, or if you're ordering a light coat, then the turnback collar might be a better choice.

The turnback collar can be flipped back, as shown above, or pulled forward and secured with velcro (see picture below).

turnback collar detail
Turnback collar can be flipped up and secured, but will not provide as much warmth as the turtleneck

Tummy Warmer Options
The standard coat includes a chest/tummy warmer that fastens over the back with Velcro. The tummy warmer widens near the rear providing a snug wraparound quality which keeps the wind out of the chest and underbelly where sighthounds tend to have very little fur....the two straps velcro together on top of the back making putting the coats on and off easy with little bending and no fumbling under the tummy. Here is a photo of a standard coat with a tummy warmer:

You may also choose only a narrow band that velcros around the waist, without the tummy warmer (shown in the picture, below):

Options - band only, no tummy warmer

Leash/Harness Openings
You may choose from the following:

  • Leash opening only
  • Harness opening only - add $5
  • Both leash AND harness openings - add $5

Seam Sealer

Blue Willow raincoats and winter coats have waterproof outer fabrics, however, in extremely wet weather conditions, such as prolonged heavy downpours, it is possible for water to enter the seams. If you anticipate that your pup will be in these conditions, you may wish to order seam sealing. We use a flexible, urethane formula to seal the outer seams of the fabric across the back and (for turnback collars) the neck. Fleece turtleneck collars cannot be waterproofed.

  • Seam sealer - add $20

let's make a coat!
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let's make a coat!

"Mr. Bill's coat arrived - it is wonderful - I think Mr. Bill knows how dashing he looks in it "

"I got it!! I got it!! It is beautiful. It is so much more then I expected. Phil is completely covered. My litle naked guy will be so much warmer. I cannot thank you enough."

"LOVE LOVE THE COAT!!! and so does Lucy! thank you so much... you should be very proud of your craftsmanship. It's beautiful, and well worth the wait."

doberman jacket
Our coats are available in a variety of weatherproof, washable, and FUN fabrics.

Our quilted filling provides that extra warmth that these dogs really appreciate on a chilly morning.

Other options include an extra warm turtleneck-style double fleece collar (no extra charge) and tummy warmer (no extra charge). Many trims are available for a small additional charge.





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