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Recommended Dog Books and Products

The below items are available for sale at Amazon.com and we recieve a small commission if you purchase them. All of these are books and products that Sharon personally knows and recommends. Enjoy!

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With Sharon says: "An overall how-to book on raising puppies. It's clear, thorough and enlightening"
Playtraining Your Dog Sharon says: "Written by a greyhound owner/breeder, it focuses on positive reinforcement and is especially good for hard-to-train dogs. The author has a particularly empathetic approach to dogs."
The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs & Cats Sharon says: "An holistic approach to the use of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, massage, herbs and homeopathy to support your pet's health. Comprehensive and rich with information from several writers."
Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats Sharon says: "The last word on homemade dog food recipes. It has wonderful solutions for problematic as well as normal dog eating habits. Contains recipes and natural treatments for common medical problems such as allergies, abcesses, anemia, behavior problems, bladder problems, dental problems and more."
Muttluks - All-Weather Size Medium Sharon says: "Dog boots that stay on, unlike lots of other brands. They are very protective and easy to get on and off. The soles are leather, not vinyl or fabric so they last longer."
MUSHERS SECRET 1 LB Paw protection Wax Sharon says: "If you are in the city, this can help protect the dog's paws from salt if they don't wear boots, and in the country it gives a protective layer for running outside. It's very useful."
Ultra Paws 303LRR Large, Red, Rugged Dog Boot Sharon says: "A boot that stays on. It's made out of nylon and wrapped with a recycled tire material so it's waterproof. Ultrapaws also makes another boot called the wound boot that is also good and could be helpful for some people. It has elastic sides so it stretches and is good for protecting a wound."
BiteNot Collar 6 x 27 Sharon says: "An extremely comfortable alternative to an E-collar (Elizabethan collar)."
Comfy Cone Pet E-Collar, Large, Black Sharon says: "An alternative to an E-collar (Elizabethan collar) which is shaped like an Ecollar but is made of vinyl and rigid foam and is foldable and can be washed in the washer. More comfortable for your dog and still protect him/her from licking wounds."


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"Sharon: THANK YOU
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"I Cannot Imagine
the Diva being cold when wearing this!"

Whippet in a warm dog coat

"Hi Sharon -
I got Bug's coat and it is *by far* the most well-made piece of clothing ever. (And I have a LOT of dog clothes.)"

"Sharon: The coats arrived today and they are WONDERFUL!!!!

Thanks so much for the exquisite quality!"

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