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Dog Coat Prices

Our coats have been carefully developed to fit the sighthound body shape - but for a perfect fit you will need to measure your dog! It's not so hard - scroll down for a picture. Prices are based on the measurement from the base of the tail to the base of the neck:

Our Dog Coat PRICES
Length: base of neck to base of tail Winter Snow Angel or Oh-La-La coat price Rain Chaser coat price Fleece Snuggler coat price
5" - 10" (puppies or tiny breeds) $180 $160 $80
10" - 11" (puppies or small Italian Greyhounds) $185 $165 $85
11" - 14" (puppies or Italian Greyhounds) $190 $170 $95
14" - 17" (puppies or Italian Greyhounds) $200 $175 $105
17" - 19" (small Whippets) $205 $180 $115
19" - 21 " (Whippets) $210 $185 $125
21" - 23 1/2 " (Whippets) $215 $195 $135
23 1/2 " - 24 1/2 " (Small Greyhounds) $220 $200 $145
25" - 27" (Greyhounds) $230 $210 $155
27" - 30" $240 $220 $165
30" - 33" $250 $230 $175
Over 33" (Great Danes +) $260 $240 $185
prices are subject to change      

Watch: How To Measure Your Dog, The Video

How To Measure Your Dog

Take the time to measure: your pup will thank you when he or she is all bundled up against the cold or rain! All of our coats are custom made to your measurements.

9 Measurements for a perfect fitting dog coat (click here to download a printable version of these instructions)

how to measure your dog

  1. Head Circumference at the widest part.
  2. Measure from one elbow over the top of the shoulder to the other elbow.
  3. Measure from the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades down the spine to the base of the tail
  4. Measure around the waist. This is where the velcro closure band will wrap around the body and the tummy warmer will end. For females, measure at the skinniest point. If you are measuring a male, measure at 2"-4" in the front of his privates (may not be the skinniest point - for some dogs this is a few inches in front of his skinniest point).
  5. Also provide your dog's weight and breed
  6. Measure from the base of neck, under the chest to the underbelly. (The underbelly is the belly at the same point where you measured around for the waist circumference.)
  7. Width across chest, shoulder to shoulder above legs
  8. Neck Circumference at base of neck.
  9. Length of neck from base to behind the ears.

(click here to download a printable version of these instructions)

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Greyhound George enjoying his coat

Greyhound Georgie has a new green Snow Angel coat with Polar tec collar

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