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Which Dog Coat Should I Choose?

We often receive emails asking: "I live in [Location], what kind of coat should I order?"

Your dog's need for warmth will vary greatly depending on the breed, age, and the individual sensitivity of your dog. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right coat for the dog you love! Looking at the coats in order of warmth:

  • Warm: The Snuggler Fleece Coat is made of a double-sided 300 wt Polartec® fleece. Perfect for mild to cool weather or for dogs who like an indoor coat to stay warm and cozy. Durable and washable. A water-resistant nylon outside is available as a fabric choice.
  • Warm, Windproof + Waterproof: The Rain Chaser Raincoat: With two layers, an outer modern Waterproof/Breathable fabric and inner Polartec® Fleece, this is a nice, mid-weight waterproof coat. It's appropriate for rainy, blustery, chilly Spring and Autumn weather in cold climates like Wisconsin, Canada, Utah, Ohio, New York, etc. It is also perfect for chilly or rainy days year-round in a milder climate like Georgia or California. I use the Rain Chaser for my dogs when the temperature is above freezing. For extra waterproofing, we offer seam sealer for an additional $20.
  • Very Warm, Windproof + Waterproof: The Snow Angel Winter Coat - standard 200 Wt. Fleece: This 3 layer coat includes the modern Waterproof/Breathable outer shell, an inner layer of Polartec® fleece, as well as a layer of quilt batting in-between. A really excellent all around winter coat for medium and cold climates. This is the coat I use for my dogs in Wisconsin, where the temperature regularly goes sub-zero, and is used by many customers for winters in the colder states in the US: New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, Massachusetts, Alaska, etc., and throughout Canada.
  • Warmest + Waterproof: Winter Coats With Extra Fleece Options:
    • A heavier inner fleece 300 Wt. (+$15) adds warmth to the standard winter coat. Good for more sensitive dogs, older dogs or just to give your dog a little extra warmth.
    • Wind Pro fleece option (+$40): this adds a denser, warmer Polartec Wind Pro fleece that's especially made for wind extremes. Consider this if you're often in a windy situation.
    • The very warmest coat is a Snow Angel with Polartec High Loft Curly Fleece (+$50), which is both light and very warm. This popular choice provides unmatched protection from the cold. And, it's beautiful, snuggly, and soft!

extra protection dog coat with high loft thermal fleece
Dante's vulnerable neck and chest area - where so much body heat is lost - is well protected with his hig-loft curly thermal fleece Snow Angel with tummy warmer!

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Let's Make a Coat

"Hi Sharon -
I got Bug's coat and it is *by far* the most well-made piece of clothing ever. (And I have a LOT of dog clothes.)"

snow dog coats
A walk in the snow is not so bad with a warm winter coat on!

All of our coats are custom-made to your measurements.

We craft both heavy winter dog coats and lighter weight autumn and spring dog raincoats.

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