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Extra Warmth Inner Fleece Options

Every dog is special, but some need a little more protection in cold weather than others. For special needs dogs; the Hairless Chinese crested, Hairless Incas, some of the toy breeds, the aging or elderly, the immune-deficient dogs, or dogs who just always seem to be cold, we offer three types of extra protection inner fabrics on our Snow Angel and Rain Chaser coats:

  • Polartec 300 weight fleece
  • Polartec Wind Pro fleece
  • Polartec Thermal Pro High loft Curly fleece

(wondering which fleece choice is best for you? See also our "which coat do I need?" page)

Polartec 300 Weight Fleece

The 300 weight fleece is heavier and thicker than the Polartec® 200 Series. As the temperatures dip, the 300 weight provides extra protection. Add $20 to your coat price.

Available 300wt fleece fabrics:

Black 300 wt.

Camel 300 wt.

Taupe Heather w/Tan 300 wt.



BluePlum 300 wt.

Red Low Velour
Red Low Velour 300 wt.

aubergine fleece
Aubergine 300 wt.

espresso fleece
Espresso 300 wt.

Chinese Red 300 wt.



Wind Pro Fleece


Polartec® Wind Pro® fabrics provide a special tight-weave for extra wind protection for extreme wind conditions. A very strong, solid fleece. Add $40 to your coat price.

Available colors in Windpro: Black, Red Low Velour, Licorice Red, Pine Green

Polartec® Thermal Pro High Loft Curly Fleece

Azalea High Loft Curly 

Cherry High Loft Curly 

Black High Loft Curly 


Polartec® High Loft fabrics maximize warmth while remaining light weight and breathable. We consider them an equivalent of down filling - like down, they are compressible. They are the most technically advanced of the Polartec® insulation fabrics, achieving the utmost versatility and performance under extreme conditions. Absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to touch. Available in Azalea, Cherry, Earth (Dark Brown), and Black. Add $50 to your coat price.

extra protection dog coat with high loft thermal fleece
Dante's vulnerable neck and chest area - where so much body heat is lost - is well protected with his high-loft curly thermal fleece Snow Angel with tummy warmer! (of course, the special fleece lines the entire jacket, not to mention the filling and Gore-tex outer shell). This color is no longer available.

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let's make a coat!

"Mr. Bill's coat arrived - it is wonderful - I think Mr. Bill knows how dashing he looks in it "

"I got it!! I got it!! It is beautiful. It is so much more then I expected. Phil is completely covered. My litle naked guy will be so much warmer. I cannot thank you enough."

"LOVE LOVE THE COAT!!! and so does Lucy! thank you so much... you should be very proud of your craftsmanship. It's beautiful, and well worth the wait."

doberman jacket
Our coats are available in a variety of weatherproof, washable, and FUN fabrics.

Our quilted filling provides that extra warmth that these dogs really appreciate on a chilly morning.

Other options include an extra warm turtleneck-style double fleece collar (no extra charge) and tummy warmer (no extra charge). Many trims are available for a small additional charge.





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