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Ooh-la-la! A very fancy coat for the small dogs

ooo-la-la fancy coat for small dogs

Boston Terrier in Cute Fleece Coat

The Ooh-La-La is, in a word, adorable! Picture your tiny dog prancing around town in this one - warm and fuzzy on the inside, pure attitude on the outside! On the left our puppy, Savannah, is modeling the corsage (pink) fleece outer shell. Boston terrier "QT" is wearing green 004, but the Ooh-la-la can be made with any of our waterproof fabrics as well.

The Ooh-La-La can fit dogs as small as 5" from neck to tail. It has a berber lining and an inner batting just like the other winter coats - mmmmm... cozy! The outer layer PolarTec™ fleece is not waterproof..but quite wind resistant.

  • The OUTER FLEECE is made by the same fabric mill that makes PolarTec™ fleece More about our fabrics  
  • The FILLING is a 8.5 oz. quilt batting. Down filling is also available.
  • The INSIDE FLEECE is another layer of PolarTec™ style fleece
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