whippet in a cozy warm winter coat  

the world's warmest winter dog coats and raincoats for
greyhounds, italian greyhounds, whippets and beyond!

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We are sorry! Blue Willow Dog Coats is permanently Closed. You may be able to find remaining coats for sale on Etsy.

These are the warmest, best quality dog coats you will find anywhere:

Snow Angel Winter Coats | Rain Chaser Dog Raincoats | Snuggler Fleece Coats
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  • Every dog coat is custom made and built to last. A perfect fit, plus your choice of many fabrics and options.
  • Modern Waterproof/Breathable fabric exterior and thick Polartec® fleece lining on winter coats and raincoats.
  • Proudly made in USA; Crafted by hand in Wisconsin -- Shipped all over the world
  • We make winter coats and raincoats for all dog breeds, from chihuahua to great dane. See photo gallery.

Warm up your chilly pup! Ordering a dog coat is easy: on the web or by mail/phone.

chihuahua dog bed chihuahua winter dog coat small
english bulldog winter coat

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Dog RaiNcoAT - SALuki

Saluki Pearl will stay comfortably dry in her Hawaii home with her lovely black and leopard Rain Chaser waterproof dog raincoat!

Nambe; Red whippet winter dog coat

Nambe stays warm in the Falkland Islands with his Snow Angel winter dog coat.

Rhodesian Ridgeback dog coat
Here's one beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback in a Snow Angel winter coat, with black Gore-tex outside, camel Polartec fleece inside. Despite the Ridgeback's large tail, this coat is styled in the English (over-the-rump) style for maximum warmth. There is also an extra-long turtleneck collar.

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let's make a coat!



let's make a coat!

"Sharon: THANK YOU
for such a gorgeous and warm coat!"

"I Cannot Imagine
the Diva being cold when wearing this!"

Whippet in a warm dog coat

"Hi Sharon -
I got Bug's coat and it is *by far* the most well-made piece of clothing ever. (And I have a LOT of dog clothes.)"

"Sharon: The coats arrived today and they are WONDERFUL!!!!

Thanks so much for the exquisite quality!"

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Blue Willow Dog Coats offers custom-made winter dog coats and waterproof raincoats for Whippets, Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds and all sighthounds. Custom made coats can be fitted for any breed!