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Wet Coats (Cooling Coats for Dogs): The Perfect Way to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer

Here's an easy way to keep your dog cool in the summer heat: a synthetic Chamois Cooling Coat (also called a Wet Coat or Cool Down Coat). Dip the cooling coat in water and put it on - your dog will thank you for the immediate COOL comfort! Unlike other fabrics, this chamois ("shammy") dries soft, not scratchy. Order now or read on for more info... wet coat for dogs
Geneva wearing a green synthetic shammy cooling coat, edged in the same color, with velcro closures and reinforced tabs at the openings. All coats open at the front and under the belly. This one is without a collar.

Cooling Coat Fabric and Construction

dog chamois coatOur high quality cooling coats are made from a synthetic chamois ("shammy") made in Germany of 100% viscose. The fabric is manufactured by an air-spun technology. This makes the chamois highly absorbent, lint free, strong and soft when wet or dry. It will not ravel or tear. It can be sanitized and washed alone in the machine or by hand. Viscose should be air dried - do not iron, bleach or use a dryer. Order now or read on for more info...

Options: Color, Collars, and Closures

Cooling coats are available in sea green, light blue or tropical orange.

Light blue "shammy" Sea Green "shammy" Tropical orange "shammy"
purple shammy pink shammy  
Lavendar "shammy" Pink "shammy"  

The trim can be the same color as the fabric or a contrasting color. Choose from lavender, red, gold, tan, black, navy, thistle blue, or white.

Collar: Our wet coats can have a collar which opens in the front (not an over the head collar), or no collar.

Closures: Wet coats have a closure in front and under the belly. Choose between velcro or webbing with adjustable plastic buckles (like collar buckles).


Size length: base of tail to base of neck Wet Coat price


Make a dog happy - Order a cooling coat today!

XS 13" - 15" (puppies or Italian Greyhounds) $45
S 16" - 18" (puppies or Italian Greyhounds) $50
M 19" - 21 " (Whippets) $55
L 22" - 24" (Whippets) $60
XL 25" - 27" (Greyhounds) $75
XXL 28" - 30" (Rotties, Ridgebacks, Danes) $100

All of our cooling coats are custom-made. For a perfect fit, measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail (see a picture on our Dog Coat SIzes and Prices page) to determine your wet coat size.

How To Order Your Wet Coat / Cooling Coat

We think you will love the ease of using our wet coats/cooling coats and your dog will feel so much better in the summer heat!

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We craft both heavyweight winter dog coats and lighter weight autumn and spring dog raincoats.

Our coats are durable and built to last a lifetime.

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