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the world's warmest winter dog coats and raincoats for
greyhounds, italian greyhounds, whippets and beyond!

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About Blue Willow Dog Coats

"Sharon: The coats arrived today and they are WONDERFUL!!!! Thanks so much for the exquisite quality!"

"THE COAT IS BEAUTIFUL! The workmanship is terrific and we love it - thank you for rushing it.

"Another FRIGID DAY HERE and we're grateful."

Blue Willow began over 15 years ago when I first began making coats for my own whippets.  Friends began asking me to make coats for their dogs and puppies.  I traded coats for services with my vet who had Greyhounds. 

I looked everywhere for warm dog coats and couldn’t find ones that were adequate.  I wanted really warm coats - coats that would protect my dogs' vulnerable ears, neck, chest, and tummy.  I started using old bathrobes for linings, thrift store vests for the outer layer.  Slowly I turned more ‘professional’ and now I am able to offer high-tech waterproof fabrics and an evolved design that really keeps the dogs toasty through the winter.

All of our coats are hand crafted, custom made in Wisconsin, USA.  Since all of the coats are custom-made, I can make a coat for any breed. I do all of the sizing and cutting myself, and work only with local, highly-qualified seamstresses during the busy winter sewing season.

Let's keep our dogs wonderfully warm and protected this winter!

-- Sharon Couzin
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"Thanks, Sharon! It's so CUTE!!"
You do awesome work!

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Zoe, Lucy and Gogo take Lilli for a winter walk in the new snow! They're staying warm in their Snow Angel Winter Coats.

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Blue Willow Dog Coats offers custom-made winter dog coats and waterproof raincoats for Whippets, Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds and all sighthounds. Custom made coats can be fitted for any breed!